Adding a new dimension of interactivity to your next event, trade show or permanent installation.

Object Recognition Table

Let your products do the talking

Our object recognition tables use markers and touch technology to allow your products to speak for themselves.  We connect dynamic content to physical objects so they react to rotation and movement using a smooth, precise and reliable tracking system.  Our engaging interface encourages participants to explore your products and technology through an exciting, tactile user experience.


• Unique tactile user experience

• Engineered for public spaces

• Available in various table sizes

• Rental and purchase options available

Magic Window

Large Scale Augmented Reality without the glasses

Our Magic Window allows you to add layers of Augmented Reality to environments without the use of headsets or glasses.  Just turn our 360 degree rotating monitor to uncover information, add 3D imagery or “look into” products.  Our monitor and live camera system seamlessly combine the real world with generated content to create a unique user experience on the show floor or in a permanent installation.


• Up to 360 degrees of rotation

• Information displayed in real time

• Can be used to explore 3D worlds, AR environments, and 360 VR spaces

• Custom created content based on your environment and products

• Rental and purchase options available

Interactive Slider

Are you looking for an alternative to a standard touchscreen?

Our Interactive slider changes that, giving users an engaging way to navigate content with a moving user interface.  Just slide our monitor in front of physical products or graphics to reveal dynamic content tied to the monitor movement and location.  When placed in front of a physical object or artwork, our slider provides a user experience and design that encourages interaction and discovery.


• Engaging UI navigation

• Digital content is precisely aligned to backing graphics or products

• Scalable from wall mount to free standing

• Multiple configurations

• Designed for both trade show and permanent installations


Interactive games that drive traffic

Drive traffic to your exhibit using any of our custom branded interactive gaming solutions.   We have a complete line of individual to multiplayer games ready to be skinned with your branding and products to help you stand out from the crowd.  Core games include hosted, multi-player trivia games to single person interactive experiences ranging from electronic spin to win contests, and slot machines.  All of our gaming solutions are scalable from tablets to large monitor displays and designed for ease of play in a public trade show environment.


• Single to multi-player options

• Designed for maximum throughput

• Easy to set-up and play

• Leader Boards

• Monitors to tablets

• Data capture and programmable payout frequency